old soul song


"Ah, je sais," Jehan said, nodding solemnly. "That is hard to argue against.”

Grantaire grinned, satisfied, and nudged Jehan gently again. “Can I eat one now?”


[text] Merci xxxx

[Text] It’s the least I can do, mon ami, after everything you’ve done for me. - R


[text] I hope so.

[Text] I’m here for you. - R xxx


[text] I really don’t want her to get upset.

[Text] You’ll work through it, mon ami, and your relationship will be better for it. - R


[Unsent] How am I going to give it back

[Text] Hurryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy -JP

[Text] I can see your door!!!!!!!!!!


[text] It is too complicated.

[Text] Think about what you want to say first, ca va? And tell her it’s really hard for you to talk this way. - R


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[Text] Consider this your new fitness plan. -JP

[Text] Merde merde merde merde merde merde merde

Anonymous asked:
"Is Enjolras romantic?"

Oui, in a quiet, intense sort of way. He won’t buy you flowers or whisk you away to Rome for the weekend at a moment’s notice or make grand romantic declarations at the top of Eiffel Tower, but he’ll lie awake with you late at night talking about things neither of you talk about with anyone else and kiss you in just the right way right when you need it and take a day off work to spend on the balcony with you and look at you across the room like you’re the only thing in it and that means more to me, I love that more than any number of roses and starry nights anyone could possibly give me.


[text] Oui. I might talk to her about it.

[Text] I think that’s a really good idea. - R


[text] Because she’ll be embarassed.

[Text] She’ll get over that, mon ami, especially if you explain what’s going on with you, ah? - R