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Enjolras whimpered amid ragged and strained moans, skin tingling in the wake of Grantaire’s every touch and feeling like he might burst into flames at any moment. He could feel his hair sticking to his face, his knees aching and legs shaking, but he clutched Grantaire’s hair and somehow found a way to fill his request.

"R," he gasped, moving to brush their mouths together. He bottomed out with every rough thrust of his hips. "Grantaire, I’m… oh, fuck, R, I’m right there..”

Grantaire held him tightly, kissing him when he could, clenching and unclenching around him in time with his thrusts. He breathed Enjolras in, felt enveloped entirely by him. He could feel his own climax approaching, but slowed the movement of his hand around himself so he could concentrate everything on Enjolras.

"Come for me," he breathed reverently against his mouth, tightening his legs around him.

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Jehan leaned up to press a firm, affectionate kiss to his cheek. He felt lighter. More relieved. “I am never ready to start cleaning,” he said with a quirk of his lips. “Mais, I suppose since we started, it’s only fair.”

Grantaire smiled at him, getting slightly unsteadily to his feet.

"I always feel good after I clean. A kind of empty exhaustion, t’sais? We’ll sleep well tonight."

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"Christ," Enjolras gasped, catching Grantaire in another kiss as he slowly started to rock against him.

He moved his hands to cradle his head in protection from the hard ground of the balcony, hot shivers rushing through him and coiling just below his navel. 

"Touch yourself," he said raggedly, resting their foreheads together. Each thrust of his hips was harder, deeper, than the last, seeking more heat, more friction.

Grantaire urged him closer as he wrapped a hand around himself, trying to resist the urge to pump hard and fast. His breaths came shallow, half of them moans, growing louder as he grew closer. He dragged his hand down Enjolras’ back, pressing him closer by gripping his backside, before clutching at his hair, tugging to expose his neck so he could kiss his throat, the underside of his jaw.

"Fuck, Enjolras… Fuck. Harder,” he pleaded. “I need you.”

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"Yes," Enjolras breathed, eyes dark and a little wild as he looked up at Grantaire. Heat pooled in the pit of his stomach, his muscles clenched, his mind was hazy with pleasure.

He clutched at Grantaire’s hip with one hand, the other moving between their bodies to wrap loosely around his cock.

Grantaire moaned loudly, pressing his mouth against Enjolras’ shoulder. Loath to ease away even the slightest big, he lay back quickly, pulling Enjolras down with him. He leaned up to kiss him fiercely as he wrapped his legs around him, hands pressing against his back.

"Hard as you like," he breathed, pushing his hips up against him.

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Enjolras’ lips parted and his brow furrowed, this turning of the tables unexpected and briefly disorienting. He ached embarrassingly for him even in those few short moments apart.

"Non," he whimpered, shuddering with the tight heat of Grantaire around him again. "Non, that’s not.."

He kissed him slowly, licking his tongue into his mouth and dragging his nails down his back, hips thrusting into him needily.

Grantaire arched his back with a moan, smiling warmly into the kiss. He let Enjolras dictate the pace of their movements, matching the rhythm he set, clinging to him, panting against his mouth when he couldn’t kiss him any longer.

"Want to go harder?" he asked breathlessly, the way his cock brushed against Enjolras’ stomach with each thrust making it hard to stand the slower pace.

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Fire burned in Enjolras’ eyes. He released Grantaire’s cock and collected a fistful of his curls, pulling sharply as he drove harder into him, circling his hips. He buried his face in his neck, biting sharply at his skin.

"I don’t have to let you come, you know," he said roughly, nails digging into his chest and thrusting forward with an audible smack. Sweat dripped down his back. "Could just drive you to the edge and stop..”

Grantaire gasped, his skin tingling from the roots of his hair to the tips of his toes.

"You wouldn’t…" he breathed, his heart racing. He ached for the lack of him. "Fuck… I…"

He pulled away and turned to face Enjolras, nudging him back until he could straddle him. He slipped an arm around his neck to pull him close as he guided him into him again. He rolled his hips forward, slowly.

"I could do just the same to you," he said teasingly, eyes flicking over his face to gauge his reaction.

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Enjolras thrust harder into him, looking to claim him with each stroke, every nerve in his body live-wired. His skin flushed beneath the paint. He wrapped his arm around Grantaire’s torso and pressed his hand to his chest, holding him close as his body curved over his. 

"Moan for me, R," he breathed against his ear, stroking him firmly. "Whimper. Cry. Don’t hold back, please.”

Grantaire inhaled sharply, closing his eyes and letting his mouth part.

"Make me," he said huskily, tilting his head to press an unfocused kiss to Enjolras’ temple.

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Enjolras was more than happy to oblige. Hand still a little slick with lube and certainly a bit of sweat, he wrapped his fingers around Grantaire’s cock and began to stroke him in time with his thrusts. 

"Grantaire," he panted, leaning over him to nip at his shoulder. "You’re.. Jesus, you feel incredible..”

Grantaire could only whimper, torn between thrusting forward into Enjolras’ hand and back against him.

"You can talk," he gasped, heat pooling fast in the pit of his stomach. "I… fuck…”

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Enjolras could only reply with an exhale of breath, pouring all his concentration into his restraint, hands gripping at Grantaire’s hips hard enough to bruise. He matched his movements, slow but deepening with each thrust until he bottomed out. He stilled for a moment to savor the sensation. 

"You’re so tight," he whispered, pulling back and thrusting forward in a swift motion to feel that friction again. 

"Touch me," Grantaire pleaded. "Please.”

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A moan escaped from Enjolras’ mouth even with his teeth clamped down on his bottom lip as he pressed into Grantaire. He pushed forward slowly, carefully, both hands now on his hips to brace himself against his consuming heat.

Fuck, Grantaire, oh fuck,” he groaned, nails digging into his skin. “You’re so.. fuck..”

"Told you you’d make a sound first," Grantaire said breathlessly, half-laughing, half-moaning.

He held still, pressed as close to Enjolras as he could be, until he was comfortable again. He clenched around him as he started to move carefully against him, growing more and more comfortable with each slow thrust.

"You feel amazing," he groaned.